Silver Collection has been in business since 2004, and proudly serves accounts thoughout Canada and the USA.

Silver Collection supplies silver jewelry for sale or on consignment in greater salons, spas & boutiques.  For our consignment accounts we provide a clear glass showcase (with lock and key) to display our products and provide service every six to eight weeks. Our products are also ideal for fundraisers, home & office parties, corporate gifts, and hotels. Now our products are available directly to the consumer through our website.

We are presently  looking for representatives and new business accounts in our many successful regions.

Taking Care of Your Jewelry

Silver Collection recommends the best care for our products are to wear and remove your styles with care.
Exposure to your favorite beauty products can cause tarnishing, so any scents or lotions should be avoided onto the jewelry. Remember jewelry should be put on after primping!

A tip be sure to remove your gems before swimming, showering, washing dishes and anything else that puts you in contact with chlorine, bleach or strong cleansers. For the best kept secret keep your Silver Jewelry in an air tight compartment or the gift organza bag to keep it from tarnishing.

If any tarnishing occurs and you want to brighten up your style use any silver rinse cleaner – rinse and dry quickly . As well, any polishing cloth is a nice finish.

For information or to speak to a representative call or email contacts below.

Rona Pronman – USA
Mandi Sananes – TORONTO
Dania Besnos – MONTREAL